HuffPo Prepares Readers for 'Defaultocalypse'

Bizarre, possible satire encourages debt-ceiling panic, wolf training and stockpiling guns.

Lefty hysteria over the debt ceiling reached a new peak with the Huffington Post’s “A Survival Guide to the Debt Ceiling Apocalypse.” Hyping fears of what they call “defaultocalypse,” the article openly advocated readers to “panic,” “heavily arm yourself” and “train and befriend a wolf.”

This Oct. 14 article detailed the various financial risks of a national default, calling Republicans “insane” for allowing this possibility. Presumably, they intended to be humorous, but the dire warnings over default are consistent with the Huffington Post’s regular fear mongering over the Oct. 17 debt-ceiling deadline.

HuffPo recommended:

Panic: “Panic is inevitable … Allow yourself to be reborn, as a person capable of things you wouldn’t have ordinarily thought yourself capable of. Bloody things.”

Gun Stockpiling: “You will probably want to heavily arm yourself …  so act fast and acquire sufficient armaments, and be prepared to use them.”

Buying Cigarettes: “The new medium of exchange in the defaultocalypse will probably look a lot like the one currently used in prisons, so consider cigarette default swaps.”

Training and Befriending A Wolf: “They will prove to be helpful companions and able watchdogs when society turns on itself.”

If the piece was intended as a joke, the joke’s on them. Either the writers at Huffington Post became so hysterical that they believed society will collapse, or they attempted to poke fun at the same apocalyptic notions they promote on the site.

Either way, this will probably be the only time HuffPo will advocate gun use, so there’s that.

— Sean Long is Staff Writer at the Media Research Center. Follow Sean Long on Twitter.