HuffPost’s Absolutely Ridiculous Proposals for America

‘Genius ideas’ include ‘no strings attached’ income for every citizen and maximum pay for executives

The Huffington Post has promoted absurd far-left proposals before, but they outdid themselves this time. A Nov. 25 article advocated fourteen preposterous notions, which they called “genius.” Far from genius, these schemes range from utterly ridiculous to simply dangerous.

Some of these ideas simply parrot typical liberal taking points. The Nov. 25 article proposed eviscerating the Second Amendment with an “assault weapon” ban and raising the minimum wage to $14.50, ignoring the disastrous results of such a wage hike. It

Then HuffPost continued into increasingly outlandish territory, saying that while America might be the greatest nation in the world it “would be a whole lot greatester[sic] if we adopted some of these genius ideas.”

Maximum pay rate: Switzerland recently proposed limiting executive salaries to 12 times their workers’ wages, an example which HuffPost seeks to emulate. The Swiss were not so convinced, rejecting the initiative overwhelmingly as being disastrous to competition.

A Mandatory income for every citizen: Again, HuffPost calls on a radical Swiss proposal. This one would give every citizen a monthly paycheck from the government, regardless of income and employment. They declined to estimate just how many billions this new welfare system would necessitate, or what the extent of the massive inflation that would ensue would be.

Vacation as a “basic human right”: The European Union recently declared that “vacationing” is a human right. Gone are the days when human rights violations were limited to things like slavery and genocide.

Subsidies for art-school graduates: Sadly, many art school graduates end up jobless. Germany sought to help art school graduates by declaring that anyone who graduated from an art school was a “professional” artist. Each of these professionals is now eligible for government support.

All offices have a “view of the sky”: Apparently Germans can’t work in an office without a view. Don’t liberals have anything more important to campaign for?

— Sean Long is Staff Writer at the Media Research Center. Follow Sean Long on Twitter.