Indictment of a Top Hillary Fundraiser - Hsu Cares?

Relegating the indictment of a top Hillary Clinton fundraiser to a brief story, without a byline and with a boring headline.

In an unbylined story on page 25 of Wednesday's edition, one comes across the snooze-worthy headline "U.S. Indictment for Fund-Raiser." As in top Hillary Clinton fundraiser Norman Hsu. Yet the Times didn't mention Clinton until the fourth paragraphof the five-paragraph brief.

The Washington Post also buried Hsu deep in its news pages Wednesday in a brief bylined story "N.Y. Goes After Hsu," but Post reporter Matthew Mosk at least emphasized the Hillary Clinton connection in his lead.

"The U.S. attorney in Manhattan indicted former Hillary Rodham Clinton fundraiser Norman Hsu yesterday, laying out what prosecutors described as a 'massive fraud scheme' that allegedly left investors in Hsu's fictitious clothing businesses with losses of $20 million."