It’s the Time to be Thankful, But Not For Liberals

6 things liberals aren't thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Despite all the whining liberals do about America, we bet if they tried hard enough, liberals could come up with something they’re thankful for – like, indie films, organic kale, legalized weed? What’s not hard is coming up with things liberals aren’t grateful for.

Here are 6 of the most common complaints liberals make about why they aren’t thankful for this country:


1. The ‘War on Women’ Never Really Got Started

A recent TIME poll revealed the word ‘feminist’ was the most hated word in a list compiled by TIME. This news upset the feminist media so much that their outcry led to TIME issuing an apology and retracting the article. Popular opinion doesn’t matter so much to feminists,as much as forcing their own agenda down the public’s throats, does. That much is clear as the Democrat party’s “War on Women” meme did not gather any steam with voters and liberals with a one-track mind lost appeal with female voters.


2.      Freedom to choose your own health care plan

Many employers offer health insurance in their employees benefits. Yet everyone has the option to pay for their own insurance through a separate company if they choose. Those kind of options aren’t appreciated by the Left or by the President, who attempted to force companies like Hobby Lobby to pay for government issued health insurance coverage through the HHS Mandate which conflicted with Hobby Lobby’s moral beliefs. Yet liberals didn’t cry for Hobby Lobby-- no they sided with big government like usual. Freedom of choice doesn’t really seems to apply unless it fits the liberal agenda.



3.      Freedom to register to vote and become a U.S. citizen

 You would think the legal process to participate as a U.S. citizen would be encouraged and lauded, but all liberals do is complain that a photo i.d. is required to vote and harp about using “value-free” terminology in talking about illegal immigrants, woops, I mean, “undocumented workers.”


4.      A right to a jury and due process

For liberals, the fact that 12 strangers from various economic and social backgrounds are chosen to weigh evidence, hear the arguments from both sides and come to a decision after sometime months of careful deliberation-- like in the trial of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson-- is not a blessing but a curse. If the ruling doesn’t reflect what liberals want, they call for “justice”--clearly not understanding that is what the judicial system is set up to deliver-- and worse--  calls for violence. In Ferguson, protesters called for officer Wilson’s dead body-- they wanted not only to be his judge but also his executioner. Instead of “justice” liberals should just ask for what they really want-- anarchy.


5.                  Christianity

Despite the original Thanksgiving celebration being devoted to God, the left can’t be thankful for the faith from which Thanksgiving was founded on. From persecuting small business owners, to attacking any publicly Christian family (Duggars, Robertsons, Cathy), Christians are constantly slammed by liberals as being “anti-gay” “bigots” “racists” “anti-women” and “anti-poor.”


6.                  Thanksgiving

Lastly, liberals aren’t thankful for Thanksgiving itself! Thanksgiving is just another reminder of how the evil white invaders massacred the native tribes with their racist malice and hate. Or at least that’s how liberals use their progressive lenses to view America’s history. Luckily not everyone sees the country’s beginnings as an unjust tragedy that we must forever harp on. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all the freedoms and blessings we take for granted everyday living in this beautiful country and a time to tell our families and friends how much we appreciate them.

— Kristine Marsh is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center. Follow Kristine Marsh on Twitter.