Jeff Gordon Condemns Confederate Flag; Opts for Rainbow Car

Drafting the gay juggernaught?

NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon unveiled the new paint scheme for his car on CBS’s This Morning. What did he change it to? (Hint: take a look at the White House or your Facebook newsfeed) Yup, you guessed it! A rainbow.

The move isn’t totally unprecedented. Gordon started his career with the rainbow painted car and drove it until 2000, when he switched to a different paint scheme.

When asked why he decided to revive the old colors, he explained, “It’s such an iconic paint scheme … the fans love it, especially the young fans … the reason why we’re bringing it out is because Twitter, Facebook, and social media, they want this car out on the track.”

And maybe – just maybe – because brandishing rainbows makes you popular with the cool kids these days. Even for the average Joe, a rainbow post guarantees at least 100 likes, favorites, or whatever other pseudo-currencies there are in social media. It’s hard not to see the similarities between Gordon’s rainbow and everyone else’s.

Gordon also took the opportunity to share his stance on the confederate flag, saying, “I don’t think there’s a place for it.” Well Apple and Amazon said that too, but are you serious about it, Jeff?

He elaborated, “I support NASCAR. I’m so glad that they banned it. We’ve done the same thing at Hendrick Motorsports and anything that we can control, it has no place on any of our team apparel, or memorabilia, or anything like that. You know, I’m glad it’s not out there anymore.”

Got it. Rebel flag out, gay flag in. This ain’t your father’s NASCAR.