John McCain Being a "Dangerous" "Bomb-Thrower" Against Obama Care

Biased health reporter Katharine Seelye goes after Sen. John McCain on a podcast for being a "bit of a bomb-thrower" for pushing...a liberal idea on importing cheap drugs from Canada that the Times has previously supported.

About four minutes from the end of Thursday's "Political Points" podcast at, national correspondent (and biased health story reporter) Katharine Q. Seelye piped up to chide Republican Sen. John McCain for being a "bomb-thrower" on health care:

McCain is playing a very interesting role right now. While he's doing that on Afghanistan, on health care, he's being a bit of a bomb-thrower. He's talking about introducing an amendment that would allow the importation of drugs from Canada, which are much cheaper. But that would blow up a deal between the drug companies and the White House. And that could really threaten the whole, the whole health care bill, if Big Pharma pulls out against it. I think McCain is - not sure quite what his thinking is, but he's active on the health care front, too, in what the White House would consider a negative and dangerous way.

Funny, but the Times was pretty supportive of drug importation from Canada during the Bush administration.