Joy Behar, George Lopez Label Todd Palin a 'Bum' for Being a Stay-at-Home Dad

Joy Behar and comedian George Lopez labeled Sarah Palin's husband Todd a “bum” for choosing to stay at home with his children.

After introducing Lopez on her CNN Headline News program last night, Behar played a clip of Lopez's HBO special in which he said, “There are a lot of politicians that would be Latinos and a lot now who are Latino. Sarah Palin, Latina. Believe me. She's got all the signs. She works and her husband don't.”  

Later in the segment, after commenting about Palin's lack of experience, Lopez stated, “I mean, the concept of Todd Palin being a stay-at-home dad—listen Joy, when I was a kid, those guys were called bums.”

“Uh-huh. They're still called bums,” agreed Behar.

Funny that even the liberal Washington Post admitted that Todd Palin was anything but a bum in a hit piece on him last year.

...But Todd Palin, 44, the ruggedly handsome four-time winner of the 2,000-mile Iron Dog snowmobile race, was already an Alaska star before his wife's election in 2006. Along with his family duties, he held two jobs, working occasional 85-hour weeks as an oil production operator for BP and, for a month each summer, as a commercial salmon fisherman in Bristol Bay.

Lopez didn't simply insult the Palins' division of labor, but opened fire on her looks and other situations regarding her family after Behar asked him, “What other signs are there that Palin is Latino?”

“She has a child and a grandchild the same age, and the tell-tale sign is she needs to get her roots done,” Lopez replied.

Not content to leave the insults there, Behar asked Lopez if he lived in Palin's “real America.” Lopez stated, in a nod to the infamous Tina Fey parody of Palin's “Russia” answer, “Well, I can't see Mexico from my porch, so I don't think so.”

A turn in the conversation where Behar claimed to not know what Palin was talking about when she discusses the “liberal elite” led Lopez to comment on Palin's role as governor and former vice-presidential candidate, and her “bum” husband:

I'm not even sure if she knows what she's talking about at this point. I mean, her whole life is really one of those things where because of the reality and the reality stars and the situations, you know, being a governor of Alaska would have been a great gig if that was it, but to take that thing and try to take it global or through the United States when you haven't been a political figure and you haven't traveled and you haven't gone to Congress and you haven't passed any major bills, it's a difficult pill to have America swallow. I mean, the concept of Todd Palin being a stay at home dad -- listen, joy, when I was a kid, those guys were called bums.

Lopez managed to insert one interesting comment into his exchange, even amidst the Palin-bashing, when Behar asked if he considered himself part of the liberal elite.

“You know, it's funny, because I think I have become, but I wasn't intending that at the beginning,” he admitted. “I mean, it's funny that when you talk about political subjects and people that at some point they think you're more intelligent that you actually are.”

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