Joy Behar to Glenn Beck: 'I Don't Give a [Expletive] About You'

“The View” co-host Joy Behar isn't known for being the most graceful person, but for whatever reason she has managed to land her own cable news show and is a sought after personality for shows like NBC's “Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

On her March 30 appearance on “The Tonight Show.” Leno asked Behar about her feud with Fox News and talk radio host Glenn Beck. Beck recently suggested there is an “I Hate Glenn Beck” club and that Behar was a member. Behar denied she hated Beck.

“Oh yeah, Glenn Beck – I can't take a man who cries,” Behar said. “I mean, it's enough on my wedding night I had to watch that. You know what I mean? I can't, but -- he does. He talks about me. I'm on his list of 'I Hate Glenn Beck.' It's like being on Nixon's enemies list. I loved it. But I don't hate him. I don't hate him.”

Behar told Leno she would have Beck on her HLN program, even though Beck's program draws roughly four times the audience at 5 p.m. ET than Behar's 9 p.m. ET prime time HLN program draws, with the caveat he is “neutered and spayed.”

“It's showbiz,” Behar said. “But you know what, if I could take the opportunity to tell Glenn – which is my camera – because I'd like to say I don't hate him and I want him to know that. Where is it? Glenn, listen, I don't hate you. Sincerely, Glenn Beck, from the bottom of my heart, I don't hate you. I don't give a flying [expletive] about you.”

Behar's statement is a tad curious because on her HLN show, the topic of Beck has come up time and time and time again. But despite that, Behar said she would have Beck on, who once had a show on Behar's network, but said she wouldn't go on his and he likely wouldn't go on hers.

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