Joy Behar: 'Tis the Season…to be Gay

“Don we now our gay apparel” took on a different meaning during Joy Behar's CNN Headline News program Nov. 24.

According to the panel Behar spoke with, the holidays are a great time for gay people to come out of the closet. They are also a good time to knock religion and push the gay agenda.

Actor Jeffrey Self, one of the three gay panelists, told Behar “I think also [coming out] is a nice distraction from all the other drama that's taking place in your house. Everybody's already mad at each other.”

“I think it's the perfect time to do it,” claimed comedienne and lesbian Judy Gold. “Because then you get it over with and everyone is already there. So they don't have to call each other and say, did you hear?”

Behar and her pals also managed to mock Christianity, insult the Catholic League's Bill Donohue, play the break-up of a marriage because of homosexuality for laughs, and proclaimed Adam Lambert a “genius” for his sexually explicit American Music Awards performance and denounced ABC as “cowardly” for pulling the plug on Lambert's live “Good Morning America” appearance. Behar further claimed her “philosophy” was “that a parent should say to the child, 'are you gay' when they see them playing with dolls when they're boys.”

Comedian Kevin Meany's tale of how he came out as a gay man included much of the mockery levied at Christians. He related that as a Roman Catholic, he “actually went to the priests and told them [he] was gay.” Behar responded with, “He said good, come into my back room” which led Meany to joke, “We're dating now.”

Earlier in the discussion Meany claimed that he came out by descending a staircase in a Speedo singing, “I am what I am, I am my own special creation” while “the in-laws are going, 'lamb of God, take away the sins of the world.”

As if dropping a life-altering announcement on family members during the holidays and possibly ruining it for them wasn't selfish enough, Meany, who was married when he came out, joked about the ultimate selfishness when he told the panel his tale of trying to save his marriage by asking his wife to “have a sex change operation.”

Meany also told of how when he told his parents he was gay, his mother's response was “we should have told you.” Behar then chirped in with her “philosophy” that if a parent suspects that his or her child is gay, they should ask.

“Now that I'm a mom and you're a dad, don't you think you'd know if your child was gay?” Gold asked Meany, and gave credence to Behar's philosophy.

But it was in the discussion about Lambert's performance that Behar implored Bill Donohue of the Catholic League to “get a life.”

Behar reported that ABC received 1,500 complaints about Lambert's AMA performance, which included simulated oral sex and the fondling of a female dancer. Meany set up Behar's “joke” by insisting all the complaints came from one person, “That guy from the Catholic League.”

“Bill Donohue. He's always on my case,” replied Behar. “Get a life, Bill, OK? OK.”

Behar added she thought ABC was “cowardly” for canceling Lambert's live “Good Morning America” appearance. The other panel members jumped to defend Lambert.

“Adam Lambert is, like, just a total genius,” declared Meany.

“I'm sorry, many performers are sexual and get to perform. It's because it was gay sex,” claimed Gold of the cancellation.

Self offered the Miley Cyrus pole-dance at last summer's Teen Choice Awards as evidence that there is a double standard in the entertainment industry when it comes to sexual performances by males and females.

Unfortunately, he forgot to mention that some in the media, including the LA Times and Entertainment Weekly, were upset about Cyrus' performance.