Judging Hilton: Not Fit for 'American Idol'

Given his past behavior, “American Idol” judge is one role that celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is certainly not fit for. But current judge Simon Cowell seems to think differently. Although the controversial Hilton is famous for his outlandish behavior and statements, and for crude and obscene drawings, somehow Cowell seems to think he is ready for primetime television.

Yahoo reported that, in a February 18 interview, Cowell was asked his opinion about Hilton, who has express interest in replacing him after he leaves the popular television show. Cowell responded that, “Perez, he'd be funny. You know, he's got good taste in music, he's a personality. That could work ...” No, actually, that would not work.

Hilton, however, was delighted. He took to his blog and wrote, “AMAZEBALLS!!!! Simon Cowell himself has agreed that yours truly would make a good replacement for judging 'American Idol'! They simply have to hire us now!”

Perhaps Cowell wasn't aware of everything has done. CMI  has documented Hilton's “cyberbullying” and his political attack on a beauty pageant contestant.  Hilton was a judge at the Miss USA competition where former Miss California Carrie Prejean defended traditional marriage. Hilton took every opportunity to tear down Prejean, including calling her a “dumb b----.” He later said that he was actually being restrained, since he was thinking the “c---” word. On his website, he repeatedly drew a penis on her face in a photograph, instead of a microphone.

 And this makes him qualified to judge another competition? Warning to future contestants on American Idol: watch what you say because you better agree with Perez Hilton.