Kim Kardashian: ‘Looks’ Not Enough; Girls Should “Put in the Work.”

If it weren’t hypocritical lefties, we’d have no celebrities.

Get this: Kim Kardashian West thinks millennial girls need to ditch the make-up and focus on working hard. Success doesn’t come from being pretty. 

You heard right. “People sometimes think that with looks things will be easy,” said the woman who owes her fame to a sex tape, “but I just encourage people to put in the work." 

West spoke from the stage at San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club — a forum that has hosted such greats as Reagan and MLK. There, in addition to her words on work ethic, she aired her views on everything from the objectification of women to the upcoming presidential election. 

The liberal media knows she’s a bit ditzy. They also know that she furthers certain female stereotypes that ultra-feminists would much rather hide away. However, it’s hard not to give her a platform when the star, followed by 94 million social media fans, is such a perfect liberal poster-girl. In fact, Vanity Fair deemed her liberal views as “things people just wanted to hear her acknowledge.” Time just focused on those views and left out her hypocritical comment. 

So, guess who she endorsed? Yep, Hillary. No real surprises there. 

Guess how she felt about the SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage? “Proud of Obama and proud to be an American.” 

Guess what she thought about guns? “I’m not really a gun person, and we do not have strict enough gun control laws.” 

At her own request, West was interviewed by the first female African-American judge of Northern California, LaDoris Cordell, who is also an avid advocate of police reform. 

When Cordell asked West if she thought the media objectified women, she said “Absolutely, I do.” Indeed, West, who thought that people would label her a feminist, said that “if you [as a woman] have the power, you can take that power and put out what you want people to look at …” Like, er, sex tapes? 

The reality star did honestly express that she “never think[s] what I say is the right thing.” 

Let’s just hope Kim’s 94 million fans agree and don’t blindly follow her fashion and political choices.