Kirk Douglas Wants Gun Control

America’s cowboy days are over, according to Doc Holliday.

Yet another famous Hollywood face is pushing for gun control. “I cannot understand the people who are against some form of gun control,” insisted legendary actor Kirk Douglas on the Huffington Post yesterday.

“America’s cowboy days are over,” wrote the 96-year-old Douglas. Mentioning that “some crazy fan” had given him an engraved gun, Douglas, who often played cowboys, announced unhappily that America has “become a cowboy country with too many guns.”

“That frightens me,” Douglas declared.

Douglas concluded by suggesting that anti-gun-control advocates are only “interested in making more money for the gun manufacturers” – or worse, “just want to oppose the president in anything he endorses.” 

He then called on voters to make “it more difficult to get a gun.” Bringing up his grandchildren, he said he “would hate to leave them a world where guns are easily accessible.”

The irony, of course, is that Douglas is just following the trend of liberal Hollywood celebrities campaigning against the 2nd amendment right to bear arms, while Hollywood movies continue to glorify violence. Maybe America’s cowboy days are over; but the days of Hollywood hypocrisy sure aren’t.