Krugman Bashes Paul Ryan's Budget, but Lays Off the 'Flim-Flam Sauce'

Paul Krugman hails the brave leadership of Nancy Pelosi against reforming Social Security, which would have "hurt ordinary Americans to make the nation safe for high-end tax cuts." But why no new insulting names for his favorite "flim-flam man," Republican budget-cutter Rep. Paul Ryan?

Respectable economist turned partisan hack columnist Paul Krugman weighed in at his blog Tuesday morning on the ambitious budget proposal for Fiscal Year '12 released by the chairman of the House Budget Committee, the formerly flim-flam-sauce-drenched Rep. Paul Ryan.

In his post, headlined "The Threat Within," Krugman at least held off the childish insults this time, perhaps because it backfired in his face back in August 2010, when the source he used in his column to "prove" Ryan was a flim-flammer acting in bad faith actually wrote a defense of him in response.

Krugman feared Obama would not sufficiently demagogue the issue like brave Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi did when Bush tried to save Social Security through a partial privatization in 2005.

In 2005, the de facto Democratic leader was Nancy Pelosi. And she never bought into either the crisis-mongering or the Beltway desire to prove oneself "serious" by courageously agreeing to hurt ordinary Americans to make the nation safe for high-end tax cuts. She maintained a steely resolve: this privatization shall not pass.

Pelosi is still there. But Barack Obama is now the party's leader. And let's be frank: Obama still, after all that has happened, seems devoted to the dream of transcending partisanship, a dream he tries to serve by being nice to Republican ideas no matter how terrible those ideas are. (I did warn about this during the primaries - just saying.)

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