Kudlow Blames Weak Recovery on ObamaCare’s ‘Incredible Uncertainty’

CNBC economist dismisses predictions of 2014 ‘surge.’

While some argue an economic “upshift” is coming, CNBC anchor and economic Larry 
Kudlow doesn’t see it. 

Following the announcement that 192,000 jobs were added in March, according to 
the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) on April 4, Larry Kudlow, poured cold water on 
expectations of “this big surge this year.” Until his show ended a week earlier, Kudlow 
hosted CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report.” 

Kudlow, a former chief economist for Bear Stearns who worked in the Reagan 
administration, criticized federal meddling in the economy, saying that it was preventing 
the business investment needed for a strong recovery.

He brought up the “body of thinking on the Street ... that expects a real upshift, okay a 
real upshift in the economy” but said “I don’t see this big surge this year.” “Where’s this 
surge gonna come from in the economy?” he asked.

According to Kudlow, the “incredible uncertainty about ObamaCare and its taxes and 
regulations” and “the fact that these guys in Washington will not abolish, abolish or at 
least reform, the corporate tax,” is holding the economy back.

When the free market is hampered by those things, he said business investment cannot 
sufficiently support the economy.

Kudlow did point to some strength coming from the energy industry. CNBC contributor 
Rick Santelli, made famous for a rant that inspired the Tea Party, said “it’s amazing our 
economy is doing this good considering everybody driving it is holding the steering 
wheel [and looking in the opposite direction].”

Kudlow responded by praising American energy, saying “If it weren’t for the energy
revolution. If it weren’t for the fracking revolution, we would be in even worse shape.”

— Sean Long is Staff Writer at the Media Research Center. Follow Sean Long on Twitter.