Lack of Snow in NYC Due to You Know What

Times theatre critic Charles Isherwood is feeling "flake-deficient" and blames global warming.

Theatre critic Charles Isherwood took an ill-advised dip into climatology during his review of the Broadway Christmasextravaganza "Slava's Snowshow" for the Monday Arts section, "When They Send In These Clowns, Every Day Is a Snow Day." The show is evidently heaven for the snow-deprived, which includes Isherwood, who blames the usual suspect:

Global warming is seriously bad news for polar bears and other arctic critters, but it's been hell on some unendangered species too, like snow-loving New Yorkers. Having grown up in a sunny California suburb, in a family that regarded skiing as a deplorably extravagant way to acquire a broken leg, I became snow-crazed as soon as I started visiting New York in the chillier months.

The last few winters have been sadly flake-deficient, and I have sorely felt the loss. Frequent reminders that city snow quickly turns to ashen, slippery slush fall on deaf ears. The snow-mad want snow and consider a closet full of salt-corroded shoes a small price to pay.

Oddly enough, the Times' Sunday Travel section, which this weekend wassolely devoted to skiing and would presumably be on top of any alarming trends in flake deficiency, only had a single mention of global warming, and that wasa quote froma skiing website in an unrelated story about airline baggage fees.