Larry Wilmore Show Cheers Zimmerman Shooting

Attempted murder is comedy for the race-baiting Comedy Central host.

Yesterday, it was reported that George Zimmerman was injured in another road rage incident. Reports showed he was shot at by the same driver with whom he had an incident with in 2014.

As of last night, a confirmed account of who was to blame hadn’t been established but the fact that Zimmerman had a bullet aimed at his head was confirmed. Instead of waiting to hear more, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore decided to play judge. Not only that, but the host and crowd laughed and mocked the idea that Zimmerman might’ve been killed. 

Wilmore started the segment with teasing, “Man, there is BIG news in the world of wrongfully acquitted, unhinged menaces.” Wilmore then played a clip of a local ABC News reporter where she called Zimmerman’s road rage incident “antics.” 

“The, the antics?” Wilmore asked incredulously. An image of Zimmerman with the words “This f**king guy” filled the bottom of the screen. 

“The guy murdered an unarmed child. He’s not the Fonz!” Wilmore stated. 

At the news that Zimmerman was shot in the face, Wilmore’s audience responded with exuberant cheers, whistles and yells of approval. 

Wilmore responded by holding his hands up and saying, “Hold on. I know it sounds like George Zimmerman got shot in the face. But before anyone gets too excited …” he was interrupted as confetti rained down on the set with more cheering from the crowd. 

Wilmore attempts to calm the crowd down by showing later news reports which stated Zimmerman was injured from windshield glass, not the bullet itself. After a marching band came in, Wilmore reiterated, “Guys! George Zimmerman is doing fine. So sorry to disappoint you.” 

Besides the sickening celebratory antics the show displayed, Wilmore also spun one side of the story as the truth, even before an official report has been made. Does that sound familiar? 

Additionally, Zimmerman was acquitted for Trayvon Martin’s death yet the left continues to play judge and jury when it comes to anything Zimmerman related.  Wilmore’s comments about murdering an “unarmed child” shows how the left’s spin on this case from 2012 has continued regardless of facts and evidence, and which arguably laid the groundwork for the backlash from Michael Brown’s death.

— Kristine Marsh is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center. Follow Kristine Marsh on Twitter.