Lawyer Promotes Muslim Prayer Rooms, Opposes Display of the Ten Commandments

An article in the Albany Times Union promotes a controversy brewing in local schools in upstate New York.  A controversy in that schools are willing to close their doors during Christian and Jewish religious holidays - but not Muslim holidays.

Tucked away within the article is a supporting statement from Jay Worona, counsel for the New York State School Board Association (NYSSBA), in which he promotes a possible alternative to canceling classes.  Worona states, "One request we have seen is for a room during Ramadan for students to pray in, and many districts are attempting to provide those."

What the reporter fails to note is that Worona, who apparently is in favor of separate prayer rooms for Muslim students, opposes the inclusion of a display containing the Ten Commandments in New York schools.

Interesting.  A prayer room for Muslim students.  What happened to the separation of religion and education, church and state?  Or did that only apply to the assault on Christianity in our schools, the elimination of nativity scenes, the conversion of labels such as 'Christmas Break' to 'Winter Break', or the deletion of the phrase 'under God' from our Pledge of Allegiance?

Despite the Times Union's in-depth article looking at discrimination against the Muslim religion by New York school districts, they fail to look into the background of someone providing a key statement of support.

While Worona and the NYSSBA promote the inclusion of Muslim prayer rooms, they thankfully have not forgotten to fight the good fight when it comes to keeping religion out of schools.  In fact, they actually made an interesting case for religious exclusion a few months ago.

In regards to a case involving the posting of the Ten Commandments in school districts in Lewiston, NY, Worona said the following:  'Even though there are secular aspects to the Ten Commandments... there are impressionable minds that may take such a display as a school's sponsorship of religion'.

And a Muslim prayer room wouldn't strike any impressionable minds as sponsorship of religion?

Today's media and schools - ever tolerant, except when it comes to conservative Christian values.