Liberal Bomb Thrower: Rep. Michele Bachmann a 'Phony-Ass Broad,' 'Skank'

Say something quasi-outrageous about a Democratic public official and it gets wall-to-wall coverage on MSNBC – just ask Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck. But go on misogynistic tirade about a Republican public official and no one notices.

So goes liberal talker and bomb thrower Mike Malloy. Malloy, with a long history of making malicious remarks to belittle conservatives, this time went after Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn. He cited an article from the Minnesota Independent, a publication that has dedicated itself to fulfilling an agenda against Bachmann, to make this loose claim that Bachmann was a hypocrite for accepting government money while being against ObamaCare.

“You know Michelle Bachmann, this fruitcake from – no, that gives fruitcakes a bad name – this half-ass, this half-wit; this jerk-ward from Minnesota, Michele Bachmann; The Minnesota Independent has found that Bachmann and Associates Inc., a Christian mental-health clinic, founded and run by her husband Marcus Bachmann, has taken in nearly $30,000 in funding from the Minnesota state government since 2007. Now this is the same Bachmann screwball who has been screeching about any form of public health insurance plans – calling such ideas socialized medicine, except when it's her turn to step up to the trough.”


Malloy's misogynism wasn't limited to just Bachmann. He also took a few shots at talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

“Her and her phony-ass husband, who, by the way, is not an M.D., like Dr. Laura. Dr. Laura – she has a degree in, what, physiology?” Malloy continued. “Yeah, is she still alive? You don't know? She may have killed herself by now. She let her mother rot and die – or die and rot – or rot and die – and the corpse – her mother's corpse sat in the house for what, a week, before anybody and the neighbors started complaining about the stench? Dr. Laura? Yeah - I digress.”

But he circled to Bachmann and leveled so very harsh words to describe Bachmann.

You phony-ass broad,” Malloy said. “Oh my god, I hate hypocrites! Ugh, it's socialized medicine! But there's her handout. You know, just give me as much as I can get. Skank!

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