Liberal Media Wage War against ‘Act of Valor’

Daily, American soldiers defend the freedom of speech the left loves to exercise to repeatedly condemn the American military. As soon as “Act of Valor” was released, lefty outlets wasted no time in crying the newest military flick is nothing more than glorified Pentagon “propaganda,” while savaging the acting of the active duty Navy Seals who comprise most of the cast.

“Valor” has topped the box office; grossing more than $29 million, and proving there’s a market for stories about the sacrifices, bravery and skill of the U.S. military. But all many left-wing outlets saw was supposedly sub-par acting and plot. “Act of Valor” used active-duty Navy SEALS for actors, and one can hardly fault them if their acting abilities are not quite up to Oscar standards.

Soldiers who put their life on the line for American citizens shouldn’t be expected to deliver a flawless performance, but The New York Times and Los Angeles Times would beg to differ, as both published reviews denouncing the acting and labeling “Valor” as military “propaganda.”

As “Valor” hype escalated “Parenthood” star Dax Shepherd tweeted the movie reminded him of "Triumph of the Will", a Nazi propaganda film. Clearly, the one time “Punk’d” prank boy needs a lesson in respect, and history.

Continuing the disturbing trend, Counterpunch accused America of having a "runaway national security" mentality, and declared the Pentagon is using “Valor” to entice new recruits into its shiny, war machine that celebrates “secret killing.”

Other liberal media have jumped on the SEAL-bashing bandwagon including Soros-funded Alternet, who called soldiers "robotic warriors" and "shadowy special-ops teammates."  Brandchannel maligned the film by branding it “"as simple and uncomplicated as a military-mission video game."

Huffington Post slammed “Valor” with allegations that “any possibility for change, self-discovery, emotion, doubt – all that stuff – is far outside the realm of “Act of Valor”, a steely monument to military might.” Patch, a Huffington Post-owned media outlet, actually characterized the SEALs’ professionalism and pride as “bitten by arrogance.”

Lefties would be wise to check their own arrogance, remembering this “military might” ensures their right to voice their opinions. Journalists not “bitten by arrogance” would also take note that “Act of Valor” is on its way to succeeding with the public, where the long string of anti-war films Hollywood has produced failed.