"Lifelong Republican" No Average Joe Sestak Supporter

The Times quotes a "lifelong Republican" at an American Legion post in Pennsylvania opposing Bush's plan for more troops - but doesn't inform readers that not only did the Republican vote for the Democrat, he co-chaired the "Veterans for Sestak" committee.

Ian Urbina reports from Pennsylvania onFridayand gauges reaction to Bush's speech calling for more troops in Iraq.

"Hunched over a beer with a crowd of other veterans at the American Legion here Thursday, Rocco Polidoro was sure of one thing: President Bush's plan to send some 20,000 more troops to Iraq would only make matters worse.

"'What I don't understand is who the president is listening to,' said Mr. Polidoro, a lifelong Republican who, like a majority in this Republican district, voted for an antiwar Democrat in the last election. 'If vets, military brass, the Baker committee, the international community and now most voters say it's time to get out, then in my view it's time to get out.'"

The Bulldog at Ankle Biting Pundits dug deeper and found Polidoro wasn't just some random American Legion member who voted for Democrat Joe Sestak last November: "But what they didn't do is tell you a bit more about Rocco Polidoro.It turns out that Rocco Polidoro was the co-chair of 'Veterans for Sestak' ..."

This Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee blog post quoting Polidoro's attacks on Republican Rep. Curt Weldon, who lost to Shestak in 2006.