Lila Rose: Media Hide Abortion Dangers to Women

Babies aren't abortion's only victims.

Babies aren’t the only victims of abortion; women are too. While last week all three networks begrudgingly covered babies slaughtered in Kermit Gosnell’s Philadelphia abortion clinic after failed abortions, they continued to censor other stories about the dangers of abortion to women.

During a “Stop the Killing" Maryland rally on May 20, Live Action President Lila Rose outlined the media’s take on women affected by abortion to MRC’s Culture and Media Institute: “There’s absolutely been a media cover-up of the violence that abortion not only does to the baby but to the mother.” Rose continued to say, “If the media wants to be fair and balanced and report the truth they need to be reporting stories that affect women in a very personal intimate way with our lives at stake.”

It’s not like the networks lacked shocking stories to spew out. 41-year-old Karnamaya Mongar died due to an overdose of anesthesia in Gosnell’s clinic, and 29-year-old Jennifer Morbelli died from complications of an abortion at late term abortionist Leroy Carhart’s clinic. Out of the three networks, only CBS mentioned Mongar by name. ABC, CBS and NBC still have never mentioned Jennifer Morbelli’s story.

 The rally, hosted by pro-life advocacy group Live Action, “demand[ed] true protection and empowerment of women, justice for Jennifer Morbelli, and the revocation of Carhart’s license” while responding to an investigative video where Carhart described a baby dying in the womb as “meat in a Crock-Pot.” 

Event organizer Maggen Elizabeth Stone, Live Action youth outreach coordinator and assistant to the president described the rally as an “inspiring witness to a community bound together in the common cause of protecting their women and children from abortion.” She noted that although the rally was located in a more remote town, the crowds still came: “the protest pulled in a rotating crowd of over 200 people as attendees came and went throughout the morning's protest.”  

 In front of the 200 attendees, Rose argued for accountability, saying, “These acts against our children and these acts against our women are inhuman and brutal acts that we in our country wouldn’t even subject – think of subjecting kittens or dogs to but we’re subjecting our women and our children to.”