Majority of Americans Aren’t On Board with Media’s ‘War on Christmas’

Good news this Christmas season.

Good news from the latest Gallup poll – unless you’re a member of the Angry Atheists Club or the League of Whiny Secularists. Three-quarters of Americans identify as Christian. That number has remained virtually unchanged since last year- just a slight one percent drop.

Moreover, the latest Pew Research Poll reveals that most Americans, 72 percent in fact, support allowing Christian Christmas displays, such as Nativity scenes,  on government property. Not only that but 65 percent of Americans, including the non-religious, believe the entire supernatural story of Jesus’ birth as told in the Gospels. The number shoots up to 81 percent when asked to Christians alone. 

Despite this, media favorites like the ACLU frequently take Christian groups to court at Christmas time, even most recently stopping a middle school from partnering with a Christian charity to feed children in Africa. Yes, they’re really that Scrooge-like. 

The media is no better. They treat Christ and Christmas like an unpopular minority, open to cheap shots and outright hate. This year alone, the media ignored attacks on Christians worldwide from ISIS and religious liberties under attack in the court system, all the while equating Christians with terrorists. Any statement or action by famous Christian families like the Duggars and the Robertsons was put under intense scrutiny and criticism by the less-than-tolerant left. Hollywood even got in on the action by mocking Jesus and the Christmas story endlessly. 

This Christmas, Salon even advocated getting rid of Christmas when atheist writer Jeffrey Taylor wrote, “Would anyone truly mourn” Christmas “if we did without it?” Another Salon feminist tried to make the case that if you celebrate Jesus’ birth, you’re supporting rape

While the left-wing media may never get tired of bashing Christians and Christmas, these latest numbers give hope that all is not lost, and their opinion is in the minority.

— Kristine Marsh is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center. Follow Kristine Marsh on Twitter.