Making Bias Official: Newspaper Guild Applauds Obama Gay Marriage Views

If you doubted where many journalists stand on gay marriage, don’t. The Newspaper Guild, which is part of the Communications Workers of America (CWA), joined with other unions, such as the AFL-CIO, in expressing its support for Obama on homosexual marriage. President Larry Cohen of the CWA stated: 

"The Communications Workers of America stands with the President and those who support equality and human rights.”

President Cohen also ended his statement by saying “It’s time to move forward.” “Forward” also is the term used as the Obama Campaign’s new slogan.

This echoes what the New York Time’s Mark Halperin previously stated, “[T]he media is as divided on this issue as the Obama family. Which is to say not at all. And so he's never going to get negative coverage for this."

This isn’t the first time the Newspaper Guild has revealed its ideological leaning. The Guild has previously posted anti-Republican cartoons on their website, and supported the Occupy movement’s “Day of Mass Action.”

It also jibes with CMI’s extensive documentation of pro-gay marriage propaganda on the part of the media. When Washington, D.C. legalized same-sex marriage in 2010, the Washington Post’s coverage was embarrassingly celebratory, and its religion blog has declared biblical morality “illegitimate” on gay marriage. The network morning shows have regularly been platforms for gay marriage advocates. And entertainment media have been pushing the gay agenda with characters and story lines for decades.

So the Newspaper Guild is just putting the official stamp on obvious long-time bias.