Media Disguise Liberal Billionaire Steyer As ‘Climate Change Crusader’

Behind ‘green hero’ mask is a rent-seeking crony capitalist.

For this investigation, the Media Research Center looked at all mentions of Tom Steyer, Thomas Steyer, Farallon, TomKat (the name Steyer uses for many of his foundations and nonprofits) and Nextgen Climate in ABC, NBC and CBS transcripts, dating back as far as Nexis keeps records. We also analyzed newspaper coverage for all major US papers (by circulation), as well as local San Franciscan, Australian and Indonesian media outlets. To supplement this extensive research, we also searched for all internet mentions of Steyer, and any references to him in publicly disclosed 990 tax returns.

Network coverage for the tally of 22-to-1 was of all ABC, CBS, NBC morning and evening news shows from Sept. 16, 2011, to Oct. 24, 2014, mentioning either Tom Steyer or Thomas Steyer or Koch. Sept. 16, 2011 was the date that The New York Times announced the launch of Steyer’s Center for the Next Generation, marking the start of his more visible role in U.S. politics.

— Mike Ciandella is Research Analyst at the Media Research Center. Follow Mike Ciandella on Twitter.