Moore: Uninsured Dying Because They 'Hold American Instead of Canadian Passport'

Michael Moore: crusader and “common-man” – with a net-worth in the range of $25-50 million, appeared on “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” with fill-in Lawrence O’Donnell March 15, continuing to fight the good fight against capitalism and health insurance companies.


Moore predicted the Democrats’ ObamaCare will pass, “But this bill, as good as many of the thing are in the bill, you know – young people can stay on their parent’s insurance until 26, that’s a great thing – it’s a death sentence for literally tens of thousands of people who are going to get sick, or have been sick, and because of their preexisting conditions.”


To Moore, the current health care reform proposal does not go nearly far enough. He favors a universal single-payer system that would effectively be a government take-over of one-sixth the economy.


“Their only crime – for dying – their only crime that they would have committed was they were a citizen in the United States of America,” Moore said of the uninsured. “If they were a few hundred miles north of us here, they wouldn’t die. Pure and simple, that’s the only difference – they hold an American passport instead of a Canadian passport.”  


O’Donnell brought up a political figure who shares Moore’s left-wing dissatisfaction with the bill. “The only eloquent voice that I have heard in opposition, in actual political voting opposition to this bill is from Dennis Kucinich – Dennis Kucinich criticism coming from the left point by point knocking down Democratic talking points. What would you say to Dennis Kucinich and the vote he faces at this point?”


“’Thank you,’” Moore replied. “One out of 435 is standing up for the 300 million. How truly sad is that?” Moore said he would advise Kucinich to eschew “practical,” and take a principled stance.


“If I were a member of Congress I think what I would say is ‘I might vote for it if, President Obama, you’ll stand in front of the cameras and tell the American people that this doesn’t really cover preexisting conditions for the next four years and the insurance companies are still going to make outrageous profits and they are going to be able to deny people care once they have insurance,’” Moore lamented. “Tell the people the truth of these things and then we’ll vote for the things that are great about the bill.”


Moore then underscored his righteous concern for the uninsured with a stunt plugging Keith Olbermann’s exploitative Astroturf free clinic initiative.


“I know we only have a few seconds left here but thank you for telling people to be sure … to write a check to the National Association of Free Clinics. Well I heard that backstage, and I happened to have my checkbook on me. So I’d like to be the one to write the first check and encourage everyone else out there who’s watching to please write your check,” Moore made sure to tell (and show) all the world.


“You can go to my website, I’ll have an address on there, and thank God for his mom and his dad – they’ve obviously done something right to have somebody like him out there fighting that battle,” he said of Keith Olberman.


O’Donnell played along: “Michael, this is really a moving moment – I feel like Jerry Lewis.”


However much the check was for, the multi-millionaire socialist could afford it. After all, he personally negotiated to receive one of the most lucrative sweet-heart deals ever made in Hollywood (richer even than those the likes of Tom Cruise, director Peter Jackson, or Julia Roberts), and is entitled to all the “outrageous” profits he’s raked in fromDVD-sales of  “Sicko,” his agit-prop valentine to healthcare in places like communist Cuba. 


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