More Labeling Bias on Immigration: "Broad Effort" in Favor of Bill Includes No Liberals?

But "conservatives" are on the other side of the "diverse" groups in favor of the immigration bill.

Another day, another dose of labeling bias on the immigration-bill front, this time from Robert Pear in "Broad Effort to Get Senate To Return to Immigration."

Polls show that most people are against the particulars of the immigration bill - yet that is not seen as a "broad effort" by the Times, merely one by "conservatives" or the "right wing." In Saturday's story, Pear identified no liberals in favor of the immigration bill, merely "the Catholic Church and many business, labor and Hispanic groups" urging the Senate to "resurrect" the bill.

Yet Pear has had no trouble in the past identifying conservative opponents of the immigration bill, and he did so again inSaturday's piece whennoting"conservative politicians and talk radio hosts criticized it as 'amnesty' for illegal immigrants." (And why is "amnesty" in quotation marks?)