More Pro-Gay Pop-Aganda: Actress sings song 'I Wish I Was Gay'

Media Research CenterJessica Lowndes, an actress on the CW show ''90210,'' is trying to break into the music world - by releasing a song where she ridiculously poses as a straight woman wishing she were gay.


Lowndes released a single with the catchy title ''I Wish I Was Gay,'' about a woman reacting to being cheated on by her boyfriend. Lowdnes repeats the words ''I wish I was gay,'' and expresses a desire to ''escape those boys.'' The song also bizarrely suggests that lesbians are more faithful than straight guys, a claim even gay site Queerty mocked.


The music video features a provocatively dressed Lowndes teasing a man and flirting with her backup dancers before confronting him with his infidelity, shaving his legs and smearing his face with lipstick.


Lowndes' single is part of a larger trend of gay themes being used in contemporary music. The Huffington Post notes that 'gay themes are quickly becoming a ubiquitous element of contemporary pop music.'


Female musicians in particular are promoting homosexuality and bisexual behavior. Pop star Lady Gaga is notorious for her advocacy of homosexuality, and included homosexual themes in songs such as ''Born This Way.'' Singer Katy Perry explored bisexual themes with her 2008 song ''I Kissed a Girl.'' X Factor competitor Simone Battle recently released a song and music video titled 'He Likes Boys,' which expressed a girl's unrequited desire for gay guys.


While the trend of increasing homosexuality in pop songs is certainly worrisome, Lowndes' latest propaganda effort would probably draw more of a following if her singing were competent. After listening to Lowndes' lesbian fantasy, most listeners would probably echo the sentiments of one reviewer, who declared: ''I wish I was deaf.''