MRC's Bozell on 'Hannity': Media Must 'Call Out' Obama's 'Systematic Dishonesty' on Gas Prices

Appearing on the February 23 Hannity on Fox News for the weekly Media Mash segment, Media Research Center president Brent Bozell exposed the media attempts to downplay high gas prices and refusal to hold President Obama accountable for the rising energy costs.

"Why is it, Brent, do you think the media is not so interested" in noting skyrocketing gas prices under President Obama's watch, substitute host Liz Cheney asked.

Bozell answered by noting that: 2008, you had 5 percent unemployment. Today you have 9 percent unemployment, so $3.56 was a bigger problem today than it was in 2008.... The media don't want to report anything that goes against the narrative of reelecting Barack Obama. This is a huge story that is affecting everybody out there, and yet suddenly it's not a story.

Cheney added that high prices are likely to only go up, perhaps to $6 or $7-a-gallon.

Bozell added that high gas prices under Bush occurred in the spring, towards "peak season," whereas the high prices right now are in the dead of winter, when gas prices are typically lower.

"At what point does this become a national news story?" Bozell asked, wondering when the media will "call this man out" on his and his administration's "systematic dishonesty" about their role in the high gas prices.

Bozell also appeared earlier last evening on Your World w/Neil Cavuto to discuss MRC Business & Media Institute study about the double standard in gas price reporting.