NBC's Today Promotes Nude Vacations

Kathie Lee Gifford showcased brochures promoting nude vacations on the Today show this morning, asserting with a smile that a nude vacation is “lots of fun.”

Gifford asked co-anchor Hoda Kotb if she had ever been to a nude beach.  Kotb replied, “Everyone was so comfortable, and nobody cared what their bodies looked like. . . . There's just like a sense of I'm fat, I don't care.  I'm thin, I don't care.  I'm old, I don't care.  And just enjoy themselves.”

Gifford replied, “That's the good part,” and later added, “That part I respect and actually envy a tad.” 

Gifford encouraged her co-anchor, Hoda Kotb, to check out the brochures saying, “When you look inside of it, it's lots of fun.  I never thought volleyball would be so much fun.”

After Kotb held up a brochure for the camera, making sure to cover up the nudity on the front with her hand, Gifford laughingly averred that the nude outings were “family vacations.”

Gifford show off the ultimate beach towel for the naked vacation.  Holding it up for the camera to see, she read the words embroidered at the bottom: “Taking a nakation.”

Julia Seward is an intern at the Culture and Media Institute, a division of the Media Research Center.