NBCUniversal’s Insurance Premiums to Rise Due to Obamacare

CNBC hosts discuss how Obamacare has made their premiums more expensive.

CNBC’s morning anchors were troubled by the news that their own insurance plans will become more costly under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

On Oct. 30’s “Squawk Box,” CNBC Senior Correspondent Scott Cohn revealed details of NBC’s open enrollment, brandishing an official fact book outlining the process. He quoted the document, revealing that the ACA would increase employee premiums.

Cohn observed “Some of these costs, when you look at this, are way up -- double digits.”

Aetna Chairman and CEO, Mark Bertolini explained that “Aetna alone will pass through to its customers over a billion dollars of taxes and fees associated with the Affordable Care Act.”

Ironically, NBC has worked hard to promote Obamacare. In the week before the exchanges opened, NBC launched their own week-long campaign, to “help Americans get the most out of the Affordable Care Act.” NBC affiliate MSNBC was even more blatant in touting Obamacare.

According to the new health plan, “federally mandated health care changes will require Comcast-NBCUniversal to pay new fees and implement plan design changes that will contribute to the increased cost of our plans.”

These plan changes would also affect other NBCUniversal outlets like NBC and MSNBC.

— Sean Long is Staff Writer at the Media Research Center. Follow Sean Long on Twitter.