New York Times Sees Bias Everywhere But Own News Pages

Richard Perez-Pena, reporter for a doggedly liberal rival newspaper, comments on The New York Post's "doggedly conservative slant."

Pot, meet kettle: A Monday Business Day story by Richard Perez-Pena revealed circulation struggles at one of the Times' journalistic rivals, "Sober Mood at New York Post As Circulation Spirals Lower." Perez-Pena described the paper in partisan terms:

Founded in 1801 by Alexander Hamilton, The Post has been in business longer than any other American daily. For decades under the ownership of Dorothy Schiff, it was the voice of Eastern liberalism. She sold it to the Australian-born Mr. Murdoch in 1976 - one of his first American ventures - and he quickly made it conservative and racier. He sold the paper in 1988, then bought it back in 1993, maintaining its smart, bare-knuckles sensibility and its doggedly conservative slant.

Once again, the Times is able to spy out slanted media in Rupert Murdoch's empire (both at the Post and especially at Fox News) but not in its own backyard.