Now They Tell Us: John McCain a "War Hero," Barack Most Liberal Senator

With Obama safely in the White House, McCain-hostile reporter Elisabeth Bumiller says the military preferred McCain to the "liberal" Obama.

Now that Barack Obama is safely ensconced in the White House, Elisabeth Bumiller, who was a hostile reporter on the McCain campaign trail and is now covering the Pentagon, evidently feels free tobring upconservative points against Obama that she failed to raise back when it might have made a difference.

Her Saturday "Pentagon Memo," "Building on Campaign Effort, Obama Carefully Cultivates Military," included these surprising details (surprising to Times readers, anyway):

The military is not a monolith, but it is safe to say that Mr. Obama was not its candidate in the 2008 election. His antiwar comments ignited the left but struck many in the armed services as naïve. His Republican opponent, Senator John McCain, was a war hero.

Late last year, a survey by The Military Times, while not representative of the military as a whole, found much uncertainty and even pessimism about Mr. Obama among 1,900 active-duty respondents. Not only had Mr. Obama never served, he had one of the most liberal voting records in the Senate and a background that seemed culturally at odds with the more conservative traditions of the armed forces.

Those two paragraphs represent a denser dose of inquiry over Obama than Bumiller or the Times managed during the entire presidential campaign.