NYT's Parker: Poor Jilted Obama 'Wined and Dined' the 'Bad Date' GOP Congress, Gotten 'Nothing in Return'

As multiple scandals engulfed the presidency, "Watching Washington This Week," a nytimes.com video featuring New York Times congressional reporters Jeremy Peters and Ashley Parker having a pseudo-informal chat outside the White House, managed to place President Obama as the victim of a cold Republican Congress.

Parker: "After all, everything the Republicans in Congress are doing involves coming after this guy in the White House."

Peters: "Given this president's outreach to Congress lately, inviting them over for dinners, calling them on the phone."

Parker: "I mean, if I were him, I would feel like Congress is a bad date, you've wined and dined them and you're really getting nothing in return."

Wonder what the paper's in-house feminists think of that old-school boys-club metaphor.