Olbermann, Breaking Bad Actor Banks Whine about ‘Red Skins’

‘If someone’s offended, change it.’

Actor Jonathon Banks of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul appeared as a guest on Olbermann on ESPN2. As always, the host was ready with the question nobody’s asking: what does Banks think of the Red Skins mascot.

According to Banks, if the name offends, the Redskins should change their name. “It’s not a big deal,” said the Hollywood actor with neither emotional nor actual capital invested in the Skins. “It’s just not a big deal. I have friends that are American Indians, these two in the west that they’re my age and they went, ‘I always rooted for them because they were Indians.’ When it occurs to them and they are enlightened by a younger generation, if that’s the right word, or at least shown that it is offensive they feel that way, too, change the name. Just change it. It’s not a big deal. Change the name.”

Only in the warped world of radical liberalism is the younger, less experienced generation tasked with “enlightening” the older and wiser generation.

Olbermann then chimed in with his own brew of crazy, suggesting that the Redskins change their name to “the Americans.” As he put it, “you wouldn’t even have to change the logo.”

First of all, there was no such thing as an American, at least as we currently understand and use the term, until 1776. Furthermore, to identify one’s self as American as opposed to a colonial subject of his Britannic Majesty was treason and punishable by death.

But preaching to the choir, as he does in this interview with Banks, is nothing new to Olbermann. In fact, the closest Olbermann has come to any serious debate with anyone who disagrees with him on this issue was in January 2014 when he had former Redskin Chris Cooley on his show. Even then, Olbermann by his own admission left scant time in the segment to debate the issue after hearing Cooley’s well-thought out and solid defense of the Redskins’ name, and the good intentions of the team.

Olbermann ended the interview saying, “Okay, well I boxed myself into a corner because I don’t have any time to go further on it with you. But I’ll just summarize my opinion with I disagree with you on this entirely, but that’s cool.”

Convenient how Olbermann “boxed” himself in with someone he knew disagreed with him and left no time to discuss the issue. Yet, Olbermann spent over two minutes discussing it with actor Jonathan Banks.

Convenient indeed. Spending more time hearing a “Breaking Bad” actor who agrees with you, than an NFL player who actually played for the Redskins and doesn’t, smacks of a media system that’s broken. Badly.