Palin Heat Threatens Planet

Where in blazes is Global Al Gore when the planet really needs him? The CO2 emissions emanating from some major gasbags in response to Gov. Sarah Palin's nomination are off the charts. If the heat generated by the left keeps rising, even Barack Obama won't be able to slow "the rise of the oceans" and "heal our planet."

Take Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews. Please. The Moe & Larry of MSNBC got all miffed and vexed challenging anybody to find examples of "major news organizations who have questioned her motherhood or her right to become Vice President, given her motherhood." "Newsbusters" responded with a list of three: CNN, ABC and The Washington Post. And the list is growing.

NBC correspondent Amy Robach hung this catch-22 around Palin's neck: "The broader question if Sarah Palin becomes vice president, will she be shortchanging her kids or will she be shortchanging the country?" Maybe Robach got shortchanged by her journalism ethics professor.

How about that Gloria Steinem? Steinem says, "Palin: wrong woman, wrong message. Sarah Palin shares nothing but a chromosome with Hillary Clinton. She is Phyllis Schlafly, only younger." Don't you just love it when a jibe ends well?
Incredibly, Gloria, the "hope-a-holic," has hitched her wagon to "male leaders":
American women, who suffer more because of having two full-time jobs than from any other single injustice, finally have support on a national stage from male leaders who know that women can't be equal outside the home until men are equal in it. Barack Obama and Joe Biden are campaigning on their belief that men should be, can be and want to be at home for their children.
Maybe Gloria bumped her head too many times while allowing female fire fighters to use her to demonstrate her theory (you can look it up) about getting fire victims out of harm's way. When critics said women aren't strong enough to carry people out of burning buildings, Gloria responded that if they can't pick'em up, they should drag 'em by the ankles. Imagine being dragged by the ankles down four or five flights of stairs, one thump at a time. If you weren't in a coma at the beginning of the ordeal, you would be by the end.   
It's all the fault of "right-wing patriarchs," according to Gloria. So, are we to believe it's male cross-dressers who are making Palin a fashion icon?
In fact, the latest Rasmussen tracking poll shows "Palin is viewed favorably by 58% of American voters," which is slightly higher than John McCain or Barack Obama. "She earns positive reviews from 65 percent of men and 52 percent of women."
And what would we do without a pithy pearl from Senate majority leader, Harry "I know how to screw things up" Reid, the guy who said "I can't stand John McCain?" He thinks Palin is "shrill." Harry's never been sharp at wooing the feminist vote.
Keep in mind, Harry used to box. Only a guy who's taken too many shots to the head would insult a former fighter pilot and a crack shot in the same week.
Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) said Sarah Palin's acceptance speech for the Republican vice presidential nomination was "laced with ridicule," and called the Alaska governor an extremist. "She can throw a very strong punch, a very sarcastic punch."
And who's a better judge of sarcastic punches? This is the Boxer who managed to deck herself awhile back when she threw a left jab at Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice for her reproductive failure.
Oprah Winfrey's staff is said to be hotly divided about having Palin appear on Oprah's TV show. Oprah responded to the Drudge Report's story that she's refusing to interview Palin:
At the beginning of the presidential campaign, when I decided that I was going to take my first public stance in support of a candidate, I made the decision not to use my show as a platform for any of the candidates. ... I agree that Sarah Palin would be a fantastic interview, and I would love to have her on after the campaign is over.
Those of us in flyover country can only grasp this kind of spin with a copy of Media for Dummies. In its "US Liberal Politics" section,'s entry on Winfrey reports that "When Barack and wife Michelle Obama appeared on the Oprah show in October 2006, Oprah urged him to run for the White House." Sounds like a political "platform," unless the Obamas were really on Oprah's show to promote their new book idea, Living Large in Chicago with Crazies, Crooks, and Terrorists We Didn't Really Know.

Whoopi Goldberg writes that "Sarah Palin Is a Very Dangerous Woman." While complaining about "meanness and snideness and some inaccuracies" in Palin's GOP convention speech, Goldberg inaccurately claims that Palin "was part of a campaign to secede Alaska from the United States of America."

David Letterman fumed about Palin to his guest, Dr. Phil McGraw: "Do you want your President to have had the presence of mind to have chatted to her teenaged kids for five minutes about birth control? ... They don't sell Trojans in Alaska?" "Dr. Phil" reminded him that Barack's mother was 18 when she had him.

In their meltdown over Palin, the libs have issued their latest "consensus" decree: There's never been a contraceptive failure in the history of mankind. How's that for "presence of mind"? 

Gov. Palin may get bummed out from all the personal attacks against her that have nothing to do with her governing abilities. If so, Katie Couric, a single mom, who runs the world of "CBS Evening News," revealed on "The View" recently how she handles "negative press":  Couric then explained how she has dealt with the negative press surrounding her possible departure and her broadcast's sluggish ratings -- specifically how she handles that with her daughters (Carrie, 12, and Ellie, 17):

Carrie once said, when I was kind of bummed out about something somebody had written that was really nasty and had nothing to do with my abilities or my journalistic abilities...she said, "Mom, remember what Samantha said in Sex and the City: If I listened to what every bitch in New York City said about me, I'd never leave the house."
What Samantha, queen of drive-by sex, and her girlfriends didn't gab about are the nasty results of sex in the city where infection with the Herpes virus "is above the national rate," and rates "of Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and infectious syphilis were also higher than the national rate." Life News reports that "the abortion rate in the nation's largest city is three times higher than the national average despite the easy access to birth control and contraception."

It's a perverted logic that lays the blame for the consequences of promiscuous sex on those like Palin who support abstinence education.

And wouldn't it be great if Couric reminded her media colleagues that "really nasty" shouldn't define their coverage of Sarah Palin?