Pelosi On Affordable Care Act: ‘Captures the Spirit of our Founders’

Pelosi praises Obamacare while new poll shows most Americans disapprove.

Independence Day is the perfect day to remember that Democrats want Americans to be dependent on government. Nancy Pelosi reminded Americans of that on June 27 with her remarks to the press about the national holiday.

“[W]hen we celebrate Independence Day we’ll also be observing health independence.This week marks one year since the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act. It captures the spirit of our founders, the spirit they wrote in the Declaration of Independence: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” Pelosi said. (emphasis added).

She went on to say: “The Affordable Care Act offers just that- a healthier life, liberty to pursue a person’s happiness … It’s also 100 days ... until the beginning of implementation of the Affordable Care Act. So we’re very excited about what lies ahead for of us. If you want me to I’ll go into whatever, all the things that are already in effect to give life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.”

Pelosi seemed to miss the irony of her statement entirely as she praised the government-mandate which requires all Americans to purchase their own insurance or get it through the government (or face penalties). The plan will also add $6.2 trillion to the deficit according to the Heritage Foundation’s assessment of a report from the Government Accountability Office. Yet somehow in Pelosi’s mind increasing the size of government and reducing individual choice equates to the kind of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness that our founders dreamed of.  

Pelosi doesn’t seem to realize that most Americans think the plan will hurt them financially.

The same day as she praised the ACA a Gallup poll found that most Americans do not trust that Obamacare will help them or the U.S. economy. Forty-two percent said that the law will make their family's healthcare situation worse; twenty-two percent said it would be better. Gallup also found that nearly half of those polled think the law will make the health care situation in the U.S. worse while thirty-four percent say it will make it better.

Even the uninsured people who were polled were divided on the issue, with thirty-seven percent of those asked saying Obamacare will have a positive effect, thirty-five percent neutral, and thirty-four percent of those polled saying it will impact them negatively.

Similarly, a Fox News poll from June 26 found that fifty-eight percent of voters would like Obamacare to be entirely or partially repealed. Neither Pelosi’s remarks, nor the latest Gallup poll were mentioned on the ABC, CBS and NBC evening broadcasts that day.