Planned Parenthood Ad: ‘Your Baby Will Thank You’

Abortion mill marketing de-emphasizes abortion.

The grisly details about Kermit Gosnell’s horrific abortion clinic filled headlines during the last week (despite some obvious reluctance from the media). If you’re the largest abortion provider in the United States, that’s pretty bad for business. So what do you do? Why, launch a new ad campaign to make it look like murdering babies is not actually your number one priority, of course.

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading abortion mill, just launched a decidedly strange new advertisement, according to Kristi Burton Brown of Live Action News. The self-described “sexual and reproductive health care provider” recently put out a banner ad in which a picture of a smiling mother toting a happy baby is captioned by the words “YOUR BABY WILL THANK YOU.”

Planned P’s typical line of business is anti-life, pregnancy-terminating services, so at first it looks a little odd to suggest your baby would thank you for dropping by one of their clinics. But the ad actually attempts to shift the focus away from their abortion services to their other lines of work which haven’t been getting such gruesome negative attention lately, like birth control and other “family planning” options.  

Planned Parenthood is clearly trying to turn the public eye away from their abortion services so that no one associates them with the sort of horrific realities of abortion coming to light with Gosnell’s trial.  Dishing out contraception pills to mature adults looks so much less evil than twisting scissors into the infant of a teen mom – the act that earned Gosnell multiple life sentences.  

Of course, as Brown pointed out, even this line of logic may strike some pro-lifers as something of a stretch: “Planned Parenthood is forever talking about how it provides birth control,” she explained. “Right. A baby who was never born because her mother was on birth control is definitely going to thank Mom for that.”  

Either way, and however loony, the new ad is a fairly desperate attempt to distract from Planned Parenthood’s blind-eye policy towards the children murdered in the womb at the hands of their abortionists. Even the cheerful ad looks downright absurd seen alongside the ghastly accounts about Gosnell. And it’s grimly ironic that a lobbyist for the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates told the state legislature in March that the fate of an infant born alive in a “botched abortion” should be left up to the woman, her family, and the physician.” In other words, the baby, a living, breathing, child, should have no legal protection from infanticide. Thanks Mom!

Ninety-eight percent of the services Planned Parenthood gives pregnant women are abortion (and it performed more than 650,000 of them in 2008 – 2009). What’s more, the national organization has mandated that all its affiliates provide abortions, and even encourages clinics to increase the number of abortions they provide. But when you have a PR problem and tax-payers are getting queasy about subsidizing your operation, you emphasize the much-nicer sounding “reproductive health,” laughable as it may be. 

Planned Parenthood’s preferred method of family planning is to eliminate the newest member of the family. G.K. Chesterton’s once defined modern birth control as “No birth and no control.” Similarly, the reality of Planned Parenthood’s ad isn’t “Your Baby Will Thank You” but rather, “No Baby And No Thanks.”