Predictable: Katy Perry’s Patriotic Video Draws Lefty Ire

Some on the left have noted a disturbing trend – despite their best efforts, people keep seeing the U.S. military as admirable. When Seal Team 6 killed Osama Bin Laden on the orders of a liberal Democrat commander in chief, lefties had to endure the nation’s celebration of the special ops warriors. Then “Act of Valor” his theaters last month, and a variety of liberal outlets branded the heroic film as propaganda.

And now singer Katy Perry – who, as an entertainer, should know better – has made a video celebrating the training and commitment of U.S. Marines.

The Huffington Post reported that left-wing feminist activist Naomi Wolf pronounced Perry’s new “Part of Me” Perry’s video a “"glorification of violence" on her Facebook page, and called for the American public to boycott Perry’s music.

“It is a total piece of propaganda for the Marines ... I really want to find out if she was paid by them for making it ... It is truly shameful,” Wolf wrote.

It’s no surprise that Wolf entered the trenches for the liberal media’s war against the military. She is a self-proclaimed anti-patriot who shills for Occupy Wall Street and once proposed that Al-Jazeera should be allowed to penetrate the American market.

Even the liberal Huffington Post seemed surprised by Wolf’s reaction. “It seems fairly obvious that the video is supposed to suggest female empowerment, and joining the Marines is supposed to show that Perry isn't broken just because heart is.”

But to Wolf, female empowerment isn’t legitimate unless it also serves anti-Americanism.