President Obama Suck-Up Alert: Today's Entry, Reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg

The Times' White House reporter Stolberg (pictured) gushed about the president-elect: "Now comes Barack Obama: young, hip and multicultural..."

The President-Elect Obama suck-up for today comes from White House reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg and the opening to her Thursday story, "Used to Early Nights, Washington Is Ready To Stay Up Late."

Bill Clinton brought jazz, Rhodes scholars, a slice of Arkansas and all-night pizza policy sessions. When George W. Bush arrived, Texans took over the town. Blue jeans were out; coats and ties and cowboy boots were in.

Now comes Barack Obama: young, hip and multicultural, with a Harvard law degree, a writer's sensibility and a smooth left-handed jump shot - not to mention two little girls who, America learned Tuesday night, will soon get a new puppy.