Press Release: Paris Hilton Goes to Jail

ALEXANDRIA, VARobert Knight, director of the Media Research Center's Culture and Media Institute, had this to say about Paris Hilton starting her jail sentence:

“When Paris was slapped by reality and learned that her pleas for leniency on account of her being famous weren't endearing her to the public, she fired her publicist. But now she appears to understand that whining isn't attractive and that actions have consequences,” Knight said.  


“It's refreshing to see Paris finally take responsibility for her actions.  The media have had a field day with this story and Miss Hilton put the brakes on the runaway train by surrendering to sheriff's deputies in Los Angeles yesterday.

“This isn't exactly 'Angels with Dirty Faces,' the 1938 crime film in which Jimmy Cagney pretends to be a coward on the way to the electric chair in order to dissuade youngsters from a life of crime, but it's a sign of maturity on Miss Hilton's part that she is actually considering the effect that her behavior is having on others.”

Published reports say Miss Hilton was cooperative, focused and helpful when she turned herself into authorities late in the evening June 3.  She is serving three weeks in jail after being convicted of violating her probation when she was arrested for driving on a suspended license.

“Celebrities are not above the law,” said Kristen Fyfe, senior writer for CMI. “Though Miss Hilton made a good effort at getting out of her punishment, in the end she has stepped up to the plate to serve her time.  One can only hope this will send a powerful message to her fans and other celebrities.

“Paris Hilton has made more headlines due to her antics than her talent. The media seem to be obsessed with celebrity screw-ups.  Now that someone has taken responsibility for her actions, it will be interesting to see how they handle it,” Fyfe said.

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