"Relentlessly Pro-American" Albania Welcomes Bush

A strange choice of words to characterize a pro-US country.

After the conclusion of the Group of 8 summit in Germany, Sheryl Gay Stolberg followed Bush to Albania, where he received a rapturous reception in that former Communist country. But notice how Stolberg spun it in the lead to her Monday story, "Bush Gets Respite in Albania, Where Thousands Hail Him."

"His poll numbers may be in the basement, but when he zipped through this small, relentlessly pro-American nation on Sunday, President Bush was treated like a rock star."

Blogger Thomas Lifson explained: "'Relentless' means 'unyielding' and 'without pause' but has connotations of something to be opposed or stemmed, essentially something negative. Isn't it interesting that such a modifier would be chosen to describe a wave of love for America from overseas."