Roman Holiday: Media Ignore Massive Italian Traditional Marriage March, Hype Smaller Gay Parades

CNN, ABC, USA Today all covered Tel Avive pride parade.

On June 20, a rally in support of traditional marriage drew between 300,000 and 1 million people to Rome. No major news reported on the event, which is strange, considering how much they love reporting on marriage-centric marches.

No one would accuse popular media outlets like USA Today, CNN, and ABC News of ignoring the gay marriage movement, or gays in general. They spent gallons of ink and minutes of airtime on pride parades in the month of June, but they couldn’t spare a drop or a second for Sunday’s rally in Rome.

Reported by USA Today, 150,000 people attended Capital Pride, Washington, D.C.’s annual gay pride parade. Saturday’s march in Rome garnered at least twice this many people, but USA Today completely ignored it.

But the pro-family rally was outside the U.S. Why should USA Today report on a rally in a foreign city? Why indeed. Except that just a few weeks ago, USA Today published a story about the in Tel Aviv gay pride parade, which, according to CNN, only numbered in the “tens of thousands.”

CNN also omitted any coverage of the pro-marriage march, as did ABC News, though both covered the pride parade in Tel Aviv.

More people gathered to protest the Italian legislature’s pending bill legalizing same-sex unions than in Tel Aviv and Washington combined, but move along, nothing to see here. It doesn’t fit the narrative or further the gay agenda. What else can we expect of media that believe gay marriage is the “civil rights issue of our time.