Roseanne Barr: Republicans 'Cherish the Freedom to Have Sex with Small Children'

Eccentric comedian and former talk show host Roseanne Barr claimed on her blog July 8 that Republicans are avid kiddie porn viewers who like to have sex with young children.

The liberal activist and comedy queen was blogging about sicko children's author K.P. Bath, who was just slapped with a six years prison term for child porn possession last week.

In a item titled “typical republican child porn consuming geek,” Barr posted a mug shot of Bath and wrote that he was “a typical republican who loves reagan and palin and despises the 'nanny state' and socialism.”

“[K. P. Bath] cherishes the freedom to have sex with small children, as all [R]epublicans do,” Barr continued. She then added, in parentheses, “just kidding, sort of.”

Barr, who pals around with Michael Moore and Code Pinkers, has become known for scribbling bone-headed political commentary on her personal blog. In April, she blogged that Catholics who take their children to church should lose custody of their kids, and in 2008 she referred to Israel as a “NAZI state.”

Despite her nutty, and often grammatically incorrect rantings, some media personalities have still given Barr air time. Last December she was interviewed on the “Joy Behar Show” on CNN Headline News, where she claimed Sarah Palin was a “slave to right-wing men.” She's also appeared on “Real Time with Bill Maher” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

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