Ryan Reynolds: ‘Monsters’ Oppose ‘Humane’ Gay Marriage

Mocks ‘funny’ conservative values on HuffPost Live.

Surprise! Another celeb was on Huff Post Live, sounding off in the liberal echo chamber on gay “marriage.” This time, it was Ryan Reynolds on Monday.

Interviewer Alyona Minkovski asked Reynolds, “What are your thoughts on gay marriage? Obviously you’re not opposed to it.” His response was “No, I’m not a monster. I think it’s fantastic.”

Get that? If you don’t approve of gay marriage, you’re a monster.

Minkovski decided to push Reynolds to explain the origins of his enlightened stance: “Why are [Canadians] so much more advanced?”

He explained, “[Gay marriage] seems very humane, it just seems very, like a given … We should be taking it for granted like regular marriage at this point.” Yeah, except for the fact that we just, ya know, made it up. Because we could.

About those monsters, Minkovski editorialized, “That’s the thing about these conservative politicians, right? I mean, I don’t even believe that they believe it. It just seems like they’re forced to hold onto something to win over primary votes.”

Then the two began to laugh about Reynold’s tweets making fun of Mike Huckabee, like this one:

Perhaps the best line is when Reynolds says, “Mike Huckabee, and Ted Cruz, you know, Bobby Jindal and these guys, they have these pretty hard line, you know, conservative politics that I just, to me are just funny.”

Make fun of religion, check. Make fun of conservative values, check. Bash anyone that doesn’t nod along with the gay agenda drumbeat, check. All the required ingredients for an arrogant liberal doing a successful HuffPost interview.