Sarah Silverman, ‘Jesus F-ing Christ” Mock Faith in Abortion PSA

Sleazy comic uses savior to score points against Christians.

Editor’s Note: Language and content may be offensive to many. 

Know what’s really funny? Saying “vagina” a lot. And dropping the F-bomb. And mocking the religious faith of others in service to your shallow ideology and your marginal comedy career. 

So it’s really funny to be Sarah Silverman (except when it isn’t, because sometimes people can be so mean to an actress of a certain age.) For instance, she got to do a new anti-Christian, pro-abortion PSA in which she met Jesus – or as he called himself, “Jesus Fucking Christ.” More after the video.

Predictably, the Jesus Silverman met was upset by “people who use my name for tolerance and oppression.” Oh, and he told her “fertilized eggs aren’t people. People are people” as she braided his hair. Then, either diving to deeper level of irony or offering up a sop to viewers who’s hatred of Christianity isn’t as well-honed as Silverman’s, Jesus said, “But, people who believe fertilized eggs are people are people too. You have to love them. You’re not better than them.” Though that was hardly the way Silverman acted. 

From there the PSA lurched to telling viewers that “under God” wasn’t added to the Pledge of Allegiance and “In God We Trust” put on money and in courtrooms until the 1950s, violating the mythical “separation of church and state.” 

She went on bemoan the fact that states have implemented new laws, “making access to safe abortions less and less possible.” Illustrating with childish cartoons, Silverman lists the parade of indignities some women must go through just to kill an unborn child. She offered the juvenile contention that if sperm were considered alive, men would be subject to painful penile probes. “You would not believe the amount of men who do not feel like masturbating after that,” she added. 

Fittingly, the PSA is to get women to sign up for something called, “and you can join me, Jesus and other patriotic Americans in this fall’s “V to Shining V.” (You can guess what the V stands for.) “It’s a nationwide festival heading to every single state capital in America.”  

The PSA ends with Jesus and Silverman on the couch as he drinks wine and gives her a back rub, saying, “That’s a good little Jewish Girl.” 

No word on the release date for “Silverman Meets Muhammad,” but it’s sure to be a laugh riot.