‘Saturday Night Live’ Uses Miley Cyrus Take-Off to Mock Bachmann, Boehner

Offensive skit includes sexual portrayal of congresswoman.

Miley Cyrus hosted “Saturday Nightly Live,” which meant SNL used a musical number to bash conservatives. Cyrus sang a take-off of her song “We Can’t Stop,” turning it into a sexual mockery of the GOP called “We Did Stop (The Government.)” It seems it’s not a lefty attack on Republicans if it doesn’t bash Boehner and Bachmann.

SNL portrayed House Speaker John Boehner with skin-tight, mid-drift revealing wife beater and multiple earrings dancing with Cyrus, depicting a hyper-sexual Michele Bachmann (R- Minn). Both actors were shown in highly suggestive behavior, grinding on a bed, touching themselves and more. At points the Boehner-impersonator, also in his underwear, danced suggestively and came on to another man. Particularly offensive were images of Bachmann/Cyrus in underwear suggestively groping herself.

The skit continued, in the form of a music video, with a refrain that Republicans could “do what we want.” “Highlights” included bashing of the American flag, Uncle Sam being spanked and Republicans telling off the IRS, an astronaut, and a park ranger. This, of course, ignored repeated attempts by Republicans to fund parts of the government against Democrat obstruction.

SNL, of course, regularly mocks conservatives, and loves targeting Boehner and Bachmann.

Cyrus sang the actual song in her second set later during the show.

— Sean Long is Staff Writer at the Media Research Center. Follow Sean Long on Twitter.