Shocker: Left-Wing Times Reporter Off to Left-Wing Huffington Post

Peter Goodman should find a good home at HuffPo, given his Marxist-infused reporting for the Times on America's faith in unfettered markets and Hummers as a sign of wasteful decadence."

Courtesy of the New York Observer, we learn that liberal publisher Arianna Huffington has just hired Times economics reporter Peter Goodman as business editor for her left-wing news website The Huffington Post.

Given reporter Goodman's opinionated history of seeing the U.S. economy through a Marxist prism, he should fit right in.

In the last he's let loose in news stories about America's "faith in unfettered markets," Hummers as "a sign of wasteful decadence," and has questioned whether Iraq's oil reserves would be "managed in ways that reward the cronies and allies of the country whose army toppled Mr. Hussein."

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