South Carolinas Jewish Problem? - August 5, 2003

Times Watch for August 5, 2003

South Carolinas Jewish Problem?

The announced retirement of long-time Sen. Ernest Hollings, Democrat of South Carolina, is the subject of Tuesdays story by David Halbfinger and Carl Hulse. After noting Hollings attack on Bush ("He's a nice fellow. You can't find a better fraternity brother), the Times notes Hollings saved a barb or two for apathetic voters in his home state, one that has grown increasingly inhospitable to Democrats."

Several paragraphs later came this odd bit out of nowhere. Weighing the chances of potential Democratic replacement candidate Inez Tenenbaum, they write: South Carolina has not elected a woman to a top post like senator or governor, and it is unclear whether the state is ready for one, let alone a woman who once lobbied for abortion rights and has a Jewish surname, said Brad Gomez, a political scientist at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. Ms. Tenenbaum is Methodist. Her husband is Jewish. Er, thanks for clearing that up, guys. Is inhospitable to Democrats Times code for anti-Jewish bigots?

The article ran down a few of the senators more memorable verbal gaffes, then added: Yet as governor here from 1959 to 1963, Mr. Hollings oversaw the orderly desegregation of schools, in stark contrast to other Southern Democratic governors. Its nice that the Times recognizes that Southern segregation was done by Democratic governors, but the paper could also have mentioned Hollings own checkered past: As South Carolina governor in 1962, he raised the Confederate flag over the South Carolina statehouse.

For the rest of the Times story on Sen. Hollings retirement, click here.

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