Terrorists Hamas vs. "the Pro-Israel Lobby" in the U.S. House

Helene Cooper uses some loaded language.

Reporter Helene Cooper, whose anti-Bushslant was on display during last year's Israeli-Hezbollah war, reported on Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's attempt to secure aid for Palestinian groups in Thursday's "Wary of Hamas, U.S. Is to Trim Aid to Palestinian Forces."

"The Bush administration will reduce by about 40 percent the aid it is seeking from Congress for the security forces of the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, and set new conditions for monitoring the money because of concerns that some of it could end up with Hamas, the militant Islamist organization, administration officials said Wednesday."

Hamas isn't merely "militant" but in fact calls for the destruction of Israel.

Here's some loaded language: "Congress has delayed Ms. Rice's original request, and it is unclear if even the reduced amount will get out of the House, where the pro-Israel lobby is particularly strong.

"But Ms. Rice's decision to continue to seek aid - albeit less - underscores the more tempered approach the administration is taking to issues involved in peace efforts between Israel and the Palestinians after years of solid support of Israel."

In Cooper's worldview, does that make America's "solid support of Israel" against that country's terrorist enemies the opposite of "tempered" - that is, reckless?

Cooper has previously thrown around the word "neoconservative," which is often used as a term of abuse on the left toward conservatives who support Israel and the Iraq War.