TIME Promotes Feminist Hashtag Bashing Bible

‘War on Women’ baloney gets Biblical.

Can’t get enough of the left’s clever hashtag activism? You’re in luck. A new one has been trending on Twitter, and this one happens to attack the Bible while promoting the liberals’ phony war on women rhetoric.

Latching on to the hashtag #YesAllWomen which was started by feminists after the mass shooting in California, the hashtag #YesAllBiblicalWomen was created. The twitter account describes it’s message is “imagining the way the women of Scripture would add to #YesAllWomen,” and implying that the Good Book is somehow to blame for Elliot Rodgers’ misogyny. Time religion correspondent Elizabeth Dias promoted the incendiary hashtag in an article entitled “The Most Powerful #YesAllBiblicalWomen Tweets,” May 28.

The tweets detail the way women in the Bible are described and treated by men and God as evidence that there has always been a “war on women.” Examples include Mary complaining, “Because being pregnant while unattached to a man is so dangerous I had to run away to my cousin’s house,” and Bathsheba moaning, “Because I can’t bathe without being leered at.”

Based on early tweets in the thread, the meme appears to have been started by a handful of feminist women pastors. One describes herself as a “social justice bulldog,” another describes her(?)self as a “drag-inspired theological dominatrix,” and another tweets about white privilege and believes the Holy Spirit is a woman. No axe to grind there.

Clearly, criticizing how women from ancient times, removed by culture, society, economy, language and religion is not the most logical move by “All Biblical Women,” the creators of the hashtag, but no one ever said hashtag activists were the brightest bulbs in the bunch.

Promoting what some would call left-wing Bible-bashing is nothing new for TIME. Most recently, TIME hosted a feminist theologian who wrote God was a “she,”


— Kristine Marsh is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center. Follow Kristine Marsh on Twitter.